Sunday, July 5, 2009

Muskoka Envirocredits

Welcome to Muskoka.
This special place provides visitors from around the world a natural setting like no other. Help us strengthen our natural legacy for today and tomorrow.Investing in Muskoka Envirocredits offers you a way to Offset Carbon Emissions.You can purchase tax deductible Envirocredits through the Muskoka Heritage

Muskoka Envirocredits (ME) offers individuals, small businesses and corporations the opportunity to invest in local initiatives that promote watershed health and offset carbon emissions. Your donation to Muskoka Envirocredits (ME) will improve watershed health and offset your carbon impact on climate change. Watershed health initiatives include the planting and tending of trees in the French-Severn Forest and acquisition and protection of forested areas and wetlands.

The Algonquin Lakeside Inn in conjunction with our partners from Muskoka North will also be sponsors in the Muskoka Envirocredits programme.

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