Friday, August 14, 2009

lake temperature 78f

What a difference a week makes in the Lake water temperatures at oxtongue lake , Gord over at Beauview cottages on lake of bays Muskoka advised that he has taken the water temperature today and it is an amazing 78f.
In less than a week, the water has warmed up dramatically.

Monday, August 10, 2009

algonquin park wolf howl # 104

Don't forget the next Wolf howl is this Thursday August 13th.
bad wheather effected last week's Howl.

Synopsis of Public Wolf Howl #104
Date of Public Wolf Howl:Thursday,August 6, 2009
Location: Kilometre 20 (Art Centre)
Result: Unsuccessful
Total number of vehicles: 458 Estimated number of people in attendance: 1,832
Number of staff working: 23
How the pack was found:This pack was heard by staff living at the staff house behind the Algonquin Art Centre during the previous week. However, the pack was not heard on Tuesday, August 4th, during our scouting but on Wednesday, August 5th, while we were waiting for a break in traffic to attempt to howl, the pups began howling spontaneously.What happened at the howl?We used the Art Centre parking lot to park approximately 70 cars and we did not have a second line east of this location as it was deemed unsafe to have two lines of parked cars through the "S" turn just east of the Art Centre. Unfortunately, just as we were almost ready to start our first howling sequence, the wind picked up and it started to rain lightly. We decided to start the first howling sequence regardless, but did not get a response. The rain started to come down harder and everyone scrambled to get back into their cars and some participants began to leave. We had no choice but to cancel the second attempt so that we could control all the cars that were leaving.Comments:This was probably the most frustrating wolf howl we have organized. We knew that the pups were still there (several were heard howling while we were waiting for cars to get into place) but the weather was against us. The storm cell that hit us was small but the timing was perfect to disrupt us. Thirty minutes earlier or later, or if we were somewhere else along the highway, and we would have been fine. But we tried, and several parties attending the howl appreciated our efforts. Maybe this week!