Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Lovely Surprise !

Currently, the Inn is closed to guests for the winter season. That
does not however, mean that we are not reachable to our previous and future guests. We are answering emails and returning phone calls for those who are not inclined to use the online booking system. Anyway, I digress, the surprise was a beautiful photograph of the Algonquin Lakside Inn, taken by one of our very thoughtful guests, who after returning to their home Germany, and was reviewing the vacation photos. On coming across this particular picture they decided to share it with us. We love it ! and wonder if there are any of our other previous guests who would like to share their photos taken while staying with us. They do not need to be of the Inn itself, we would welcome wildlife, our Chipmunks, which all guests of Algonquin Inn know we have a lot of, or the Hummingbirds, a picture of you outside the Inn, taking out a canoe, climbing Ragged Falls, we would love to add to our very new and at this time, small Online Gallery.

Send them to us at we would love to hear from you .......

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Visit Algonquin During Spring Because...

Why you might ask ? Well, the reasons are endless.

To get away from the everyday stresses that ail you, commuting, traffic, kids, family and yes, lets not forget work.
Everyone at the Algonquin Inn understands that there are countless reasons why their guests come to them. We know that we may not be the destination, but, a place to stay whilst enjoying the tranquility and wonder of the Algonquin Park we offer clean comfortable accommodations, a dining room serving delicious food with special diets accommodated. Most accommodations set up to suit couples, meaning most rooms have queen or kingsize bed and lakefront views, fireplaces and whirlpool tubs.
Algonquin Park is almost on your doorstep, which means you can be their at dawn or dusk to look for and photograph Moose, then return for a delicious breakfast before returning to the park for a day of hiking and then coming back at the end of your day and enjoying a refreshing shower or soak in your whirlpool followed by a relaxing dinner. Mmmmm....... that sounds relaxing to me, how about you ?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New for Spring 2008

Closed for the Winter in 2007, the management will be working on some new services to provide its new and past guests. Spring Special Packages, for honeymooners, special anniversaries and of course lovers of the Algonquin Park. Guests of all nationalities are welcomed from all over the world. Bookings can be made online all year round and if our guests have any questions prior to booking they can contact us by email, it's that easy.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

algonquin inn

we are located right next
door to the west gate of
Algonquin Park Ontario