Thursday, July 16, 2009


Already on our web site we have a map link to the highway # 60 corridor map,
but for those of you that wish to see the full Algonquin Park detail,the maps available are limited in information and yes cost money,but that has all changed with the free on-line map.

Three years ago, Jeffrey A. McMurtrie decided to make his own map of Algonquin Park. McMurtie, a third year environmental geography student at the University of Toronto and a frequent Algonquin visitor, realized that the official park map had “serious” cartographical errors. He also didn’t like the fact that the map didn’t mark enough destinations such as springs or historical sites. He spent two years working on the project, gathering information from earlier park maps, books, newspapers, park publications, trip logs and his own observations. When he was done, he put it on the Internet and allowed people to download it for free.just click here.

McMurtrie’s map is much, much better than the official park map, which you can only get in print for a price. It's more accurate, more current and has way more information. (He says it has more than 120 layers of data.) He updates it frequently and is happy to correct errors that users inform him of. He also sells an 84-page book version of the map for $25, a full-sized, 41.5”x55” version for $35 ($45 on waterproof material), and sectioned versions for $10-$16. “Don’ worry though,” McMurtrie writes, “the print and digital versions are the same. In fact the prices are as low as the printing companies will let me go (I don't want to make a profit.)”

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