Sunday, November 8, 2009

Solar Heating comes to the Algonquin Inn

At long last the work has finally started on our Solar Heating system for the Algonquin Inn.
After 2 years of planing and waiting for the right time to start work ,end of season,
construction is well on the way.
This will mean that we will have Solar heated water for all of our rooms and suites,
this is the first phase of two,the second phase is to also have the Restaurant and reception for the Algonquin Inn running on it's own separate Solar powered hot water system.
The net result will be a significant reduction in out overall carbon foot print,as hot water is the the most significant area of consumption of power.
This is a continuation of our environmental plan which has already earned us the 4 keys eco rating from the Hotel Association of Canada out of a possible 5.

in the background Oxtongue lake


jst said...

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Pritchett Stantham said...

This is a good news then. Solar heating is a nice thing.

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